Registration is now open for the 2024 season.

Please visit to register for the 2024 season.

Please note there is an additional $3 GotSport fee at check out in which the league has no control over.

Early Registration: April 1st - April 30th
$130.00 + $3 GotSport feeplus the cost of the uniform kit if needed.

Registration: May 1st - June 30th
$145.00 + $3 GotSport fee plus the cost of the uniform kit if needed.

Late Registration: July 1st - July 8th
$175.00 + $3 GotSport fee plus the cost of the uniform kit if needed.

2024/2025 Season Registration

Current Age Groups
Age GroupsOldest BirthdateYoungest Birthdate

Required Documents

Birth certificate or passport is required for registration.

REGISTRATION FEES  –  Cash, check or money orders are accepted. Make checks payable to RCSC

ALL AGES U-6 – U19

Don't want to register online:

Mail payment for registration along with completed forms/pictures and/or birth certificate to: Rancho Cordova Soccer Club
PO BOX 2741
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-2741

* Refund Policy -The Rancho Cordova Youth Soccer Club will issue a full registration fee refund minus reprocessing fee through July 31, 2023. Parents can request a refund by emailing the club at A $45 per player fee will be applied for processing and no refunds after July 31, 2023.

Uniforms: Once the uniform is received no uniform refunds. 

* Reprocessing Fee: A $10 per player fee will be applied for incomplete online or mailed in registration.  If the fee is not included with the completed registration, the player WILL NOT be registered for the season. Completed registration consists of payment, 2 signed completed registration forms in blue ink, 1×1 head shot photo and a copy of certified birth certificate if required.

* Late Fee: A $10 per player late fee will be assessed if your registration documents are not received within 14 days, and your child(ren) may not be placed on a team. Completed registration consists of payment, 1 signed completed registration form in blue ink, 1×1 head shot photo and a copy of the certified birth certificate if required and uniform order form.

* Team Transfer Fee: – Once a player is assigned to a team and practices have started, any request to transfer to another team will require a $25 reprocessing fee, by the player, payable to RCSC. Once the season begins, any requests for transfer must be accompanied by a Transfer Form and a $40 transfer/processing fee, by the player, payable to RCSC, to cover League and District VI transfer fees.

* Non-sufficient Funds (NSF): – Checks returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) received by the Rancho Cordova Youth Soccer Club will require a new payment via money order, and shall include an additional $25 to cover the additional expense incurred by the club. Payment must be rectified within 10 days of notification from the Rancho Cordova Youth Soccer Club.

Additional Information

Coaching Opportunities

If you want to coach for the Rancho Cordova Soccer Club, you may check the box on the registration form and the Registrar will contact you with more information.  You do not need any special qualifications or experience to coach. The Rancho Cordova Soccer club holds a coaching clinic before the season begins, typically at the end of July. The coaching clinic will teach you how to coach a youth soccer team, offer suggestions for some practice drills, and suggest techniques that you may use for your own practices. Click on our coaching page for more information.

Team Assignment

Recreational teams are formed by the club in June & July.  Practices can begin as soon as teams are formed. The assigned coach will contact you as soon as they have their team.

Requests to Play with Coach/Team/Friends

The Rancho Cordova Soccer Club makes every effort possible to give special consideration to your request to play for a specific coach, team and/or friends (if in your age bracket), but we cannot guarantee your request. You may also indicate if you do not want to play on a particular team. All requests are kept confidential. Please indicate any requests at the time of registration.  Any requests received after the teams are formed will not be considered.


Practices for the Recreation program begin in August.  Typically, practices are two nights a week on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday and either Early (5:00 – 6:00 PM) or Late (6:00 – 7:00 PM).  Where your child practices will depend on the age group and the size of the field.


The playing season begins in the beginning of September till late October for U-6 teams to U-19 from September and each team will play 10 games scheduled on Saturdays, running until just before Thanksgiving. There is a BYE weekend the last Saturday in September and no games will be played for U-10 to U-19. U-6 and U-8 will play games on the BYE week.  Games are normally played in the mornings or early afternoons. Teams play against other teams in our league from the Sunrise, Fair Oaks, Orangevale and Sierra soccer clubs. You will be traveling to their field for half of your games, but we schedule the other half of your games in Rancho Cordova. Beginning at U16 or (maybe U14), recreation teams may have to travel further for games, but most are still in the greater Sacramento area.

Teams are placed into divisions in order to attempt to place teams with other teams that are similar in skill and ability. In the middle of the season, we assess the scores and records thus far to see which teams may need to move up or down a division to give them the level of competition that is right for that team. We want all players to experience the joy of victory in some games, but we also try to balance the abilities of the teams so that your child is in an environment in which he/she can compete. This is not an exact science as we must perform this balancing act across multiple soccer clubs within our League.

Each child is to play at least 50% of each game, and we highly encourage the coaches to play each child at different positions to let them experience all aspects of the game.

Play Up Requests

The Rancho Cordova Soccer club strongly discourages “playing up” an age group, but the Board will review all requests for playing up on a case by case basis. A player cannot play up more than one play year. (i.e. U12 to U13) will be considered. Please submit your Play Up Request in writing at the time of registration stating the reason(s) why you believe your child should play up. The written Play Up Request must be signed by the player’s parent/guardian. Once the request is reviewed by the Board, you will be notified by the Club Registrar if the request was granted or denied. Playing down to a lower age group is prohibited by CYSA rules. If the age group that is being requested does not have room for players the request will be denied.