Rules & Guidelines (Coordinator Giovanni Vela)

Match Setup:

  • Field size should be from (25 yd x 15 yd) to (35 yd x 25 yd)
  • Goal size 4 ft x 6 ft
  • Size 3 ball
  • 4 v 4 on two separate fields
  • 4 quarters x 10 minutes (2-minute max break between quarters, 5-minute max break at half)
  • 2 Person Coaches Referee (Requires Whistle). Each coach blows the whistle and calls fouls for the half of the field they are standing in
  • No goal box or penalty area
  • No Goal Keeper
  • Center Circle 3 yd radius
  • Spectators are not permitted behind the goal areas, or on the same side of the field as the players
  • The bench area between fields is for teams only is to be supervised at all times by an adult. (Families should only be on outside of fields not between fields)


  • NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED: Pierced earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc must be removed before games and practices
  • Shinguards UNDER / Covered by Socks

    Playing Rules:

  • NO SLIDE TACKLING or HEADING IS ALLOWED (Indirect free kick given to the opposing team)
  • All children play at least 50% of the game
  • Coaches Referee the games
  • Throw-ins, kick-offs, corner kicks, and goal kicks will be played
  • Retake bad throw-ins
  • Defensive team drops back to the half line on goal kicks
  • Defensive team minimum distance of 4 yd from all throw-ins, free kicks, and corner kick